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About Us

The Goodnews Media is an organization set up to provide some much-needed positivity in a world where bad news is the order of the day. We are a team of young enthusiasts who intend to brighten up the world with good news on a daily basis. We have taken it upon ourselves to search for and curate content from different sources that will provide only positive news from around the world al in one place. So if you’re tired of listening to bad news every day, come over to The Goodnews Media to brighten up your day!


To search out and provide a daily source of positive news from around the world in order to counterbalance the negativity that surrounds us while bringing hope and inspiration to more people across the world.


To be the largest source of positive news from around the world, generating daily content with only good news that will keep people having a better outlook on life and inspire great things to continue happening on a more consistent, larger scale.