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The XX Chromosome by @iAmBibii

I’m screaming,
Can you hear me?
Africa, my home, blessed and beautiful,
Yet blind and ignorant
Would you open your eyes to see me?
Would you listen to hear me?
Is she the cursed one?
To dream but never wake up to see?

Don’t you know?
She is the answer, the solution
I’m shouting, roaring,
Please listen
Your shelter is her cage,
You’ve buried our dreams in the grave
For how long will you act deaf?
How long would you keep her prisoner?

You broke her mother, yes
And shattered her sisters
But the strength you thought was gone,
Has come alive again in her
I will endure, but for a while
For now I know,
Our dreams are valid
I was never cursed,
You were just scared

Africa, we are your glory
You must hear us
You must see us
We will not be boxed,
We cannot be stopped
It is a new season
And This Girl Child is the reason

-Bibi U. K

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