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Everyday Women Making a Change in our World


“There’s a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.”

– Sharon Angle


The society seems to try to determine what the purpose of some people should be due to societal bars that have been made as a result of factors such as age, gender, race or disability but when it comes to the inclusive rights of women, the society is gradually progressing to a whole new level of understanding that has witnessed women breaking the norms to become successful pacesetters and trailblazers. Women are now being heard and accorded the visibility they deserve for their tremendous ability to be more, assuming successfully diverse roles – a mother, a wife, career woman, caregiver, and more – and being able to juggle all these overwhelming responsibilities effectively.

Here’s our good news review to remind us that no matter where we find ourselves and how impossible our dreams seem, as long as our hearts keep beating, it is proof that there is a purpose we live for.


Changing the course of history is the Chartered Accountant, Priscillah Mabelane, who became the first black woman to head a multi-national oil company in Africa. As a strong leader in business and with her proven track record in previous executive roles, Priscillah’s appointment as the Chief Executive of BP’s Southern Africa’s operation reinforces BPSA’s pioneering role and strength of commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The kind of workforce that will breed creativity, innovation and ensure to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Giving exceptional women the recognition they deserve for their exemplary roles in the society, is the Women of Valour Network (WVN)  that hosted the Women of Valour Awards, an inaugural inspirational award ceremony held in Roodeplaat, North East of Pretoria. The WVN which is founded by Dr. Karien Henrico is aimed at motivating, uplifting, encouraging and strengthening the 21st-century female through networking.


Finally, another everyday woman changing the world through arts is Ghanaian female artist Priscilla Kennedy, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Fine Arts student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana. She received the first Merit Award at the L’Atelier Arts awards in Johannesburg, South Africa for her untitled 2016 work. Her works which fight gender stereotypes such as taking jabs at the social stereotype that women are tools of seduction made her one of the top winners of South African most prestigious arts competition held for artists between the age of 21 and 25.


Change is said to be the only constant thing in life, hence, with today’s social change, there has been a tremendous shift in the role of the 21st-century woman. This new generation of women is not only reaching for the stars but aiming farther. Join this new generation of women and be more.


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Khemmie Ray
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