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Road to Greatness: Creating a Path Where There’s None


“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

– Shirley Chisholm


No one can deny the fact that we are yet to see the best in the world we live in, every day something new pops up -old records are superseded or innovative ideas reform old inventions – all striving towards making progress in our world thereby making the world a much better and easier place to live in. More ideas will still spring up as the world progresses, hence it is up to us to determine what we do with them as nothing holds us back other than our own fears and doubts.

Here’s our good news review challenging us to cast aside every self-imposed limitation and do something about the ideas burning up in our head.


Disability is not a limitation unless you see it as such. It shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching their full potential, rather it should only be an initiative towards finding other means of getting something done and reaching our goals.  One individual making progress by promoting inclusion of people with disabilities and making history by overcoming her disability is Lebohang, a South African who has written her name on the pages of history by becoming the first ever runway model on a wheelchair. Lebo hang, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Psychology and is also studying for a Bachelor of Communication Sciences degree, is set to represent South Africa in October at the Miss Wheelchair World contest in Warsaw, Poland. She is not just making a difference in the field of international beauty contests – she was the only disabled finalist for Fall of the Globe 2017 – but she’s also doing that in sports as she represents South Africa in wheelchair basketball competitions around the world.


Whatever invention was or has been in our world is never a waste as there are always people who will look into revolutionizing such inventions in such a way that they will be an improved version of the old, making them relevant in the present. Pramod Siddagangaiah of Livegreen India is offering a sustainable alternative to hazardous water contamination due to prolonged usage of plastic bottles through his revolutionized concept of pottery. It is also a known fact that post-use, plastic bottles contribute to increased waste pollution, making his alternative viable. Pramod is recreating pottery –which was beginning to fizzle out with the advent of civilization, what with the invention of refrigerators, packaged water easily available everywhere and plastic bottles – into earthenware water bottles that keep water cool while also lightweight. The Apah clay bottle, as the invention is called is a revolutionary idea indeed. Pramod has also formed an enterprise aimed at creating livelihoods in semi-urban and rural places to discourage people from migrating to cities for work.


It is easy to go through life without making any special effort to make a mark by burying your head in your problems and going along with the flow. However, real progress, real impact is made by those who see opportunities in problems and do something to take advantage of them. Decide to do something about anything going wrong around you today, you’ll be better for it.


Image from The Buzz.

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