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We talked to the UAE’s youngest inventor, Fatima Al Kaabi

At age fifteen, the UAE’s Fatima Al Kaabi is already making headlines.

Known as the country’s “youngest inventor,” the gifted teen is a trailblazer in the making.

In an interview with Stepfeed, Al Kaabi spoke of how she became an inventor at such a young age. She also told us about her creations and plans for the future.

Childhood, inspiration and early beginnings

Al Kaabi is a 15-year-old who currently studies at Manor Hall International School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

But she isn’t your ordinary eleventh grader.

The young teen is an award winning inventor, innovator and public speaker.

At the beginning of our interview, Al Kaabi explained that she started inventing robots at the age of 7, and has been working in the field of robotics ever since.

When asked what led her to enter the field, she said her parents, who had an incredible impact on her as a child, were her main source of inspiration.

“My dad is an engineer and my mom studied IT. I was raised in an environment that encouraged me; there were all these technical vibes around. I was influenced by the things both my parents did, I would watch my father fixing the TV at home, or talking about projects he was developing at work, and I was always extremely interested in what he was doing. At times he also taught me a few tricks and know hows,” she said.

The talented young teen also added that her parents were the ones who noticed her talent and enthusiasm for robotics.

“They both pushed me into going to courses and workshops and truly encouraged my passion for robotics and programming.”

How she became the UAE’s youngest inventor

At first, Al Kaabi was dubbed the UAE’s “youngest inventor” by media outlets that used the term because they hadn’t come across anyone who was younger than her in the field.

However, in 2015, the young teen was officially given the title, after Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammad awarded it to her at the Pioneers of UAE award ceremony.

The UAE Pioneers initiative was launched by Sheikh Mohammed in November 2014.

It aims to honor and celebrate UAE pioneers, each in their respective field.

Story extracted from Step Feed

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