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Discovering Hidden Potentials

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams.  Think not about your frustrations but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.”

-Pope John XXIII

Sometimes in life we seem to have it all figured out, we script the chronological order we would want our life to play out but life has a way of happening so much it alters our scripted version and puts us on the stage to act out a new script. However, whatever part life expects us to play, it is only a means of helping us unravel potentials deeply buried within us that we never even knew were there. Life opens and closes doors but when one door closes, we shouldn’t stare so long at it that we won’t see when another opens.

One of such happy accidents is Adetutu Adekunle, CEO of Bibi’s Grill House (an offshoot of Bibi’s Cottage Catering Company), who started her culinary business from preparing and offering a meal to her childhood friend to preparing the same set of delicacies to the same friend’s sick cousin with an offer for payment. Afterwards, more orders started coming in from individuals and diverse companies and soon a business she started with 650 naira made her the multi-millionaire that she is now.

Adetutu who has a degree in Biochemistry from University of Ibadan and Environmental Management from University of Surrey, UK, had to attend the London School of Hospitality and Events before joining the culinary world with the creation of her own unique delicacies in barbeque, healthy grilled treats and also creating gourmet of regular Nigerian foods.

Her catering company offers customized catering services for social and corporate events, schools and bulk orders for home use. The restaurant is located in the Maryland Mall, Maryland, Lagos and recently a new line of business has been introduced called Ready Grills. She also asserts to plans of expansion  to other parts of Lagos and Nigeria, plans to develop Grill House into a franchise brand with plans to focus on empowerment of young people through subsidised training and internships.

This is a positive example, one of very many, of someone making it big from a potential that was not probably taken seriously. It is important to also point out that once it was discovered and was becoming a serious business, this creative entrepreneur went to hone her newfound skills. It is important to ensure that, if life pushes you in a direction that allows you to discover a new potential, you should work to build it.

Regardless of what your professional training is, there is the possibility of some other hidden potentials that will bring you joy and possibly much more. Look inward and be ready to take advantage of whatever opportunities life brings your way.


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