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Breaking Down Self-Imposed Barriers

break barriers

“The only limit to the realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.  Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


Whatever choice we make to enhance our progress in any of life’s endeavours, and no matter what everyone says against or in support of our choices, only one person can make the difference and that’s the individual that stares back at us in the mirror. The chains of doubt may want to hold us back from progressing but we shouldn’t allow that because it is only in moving do we realize and break the chains we caged ourselves in.  Every man holds his destiny in his hands so we can either choose to let it slip out our hands by doubting the power of our dreams or work at it with the belief that there’s never a limitation except the ones in our mind.

Here’s our good news review challenging us to break down every mental captivity and the barriers we have erected against ourselves.


With the belief that ‘so much in life is pleasant’, Georgina Harwood keeps crossing off her bucket list with the kind of elegance unusual for a grandma like herself. She began her adventurous journey to conquering the skies through skydiving at age 92, then again at 97 and recently she capped the third attempt at her 100th birthday celebration. Her intriguing skydiving adventures made international headlines, albeit her third skydiving adventure – in which she also plunged into the icy water of the Atlantic sea to dive with the sharks – was aimed at supporting a crowdfunding campaign for the National Rescue Institute. This contributed to the supply of life jackets for the safety volunteers of the Institute. Georgina is not just living her wildest dreams but also making an impact at the same time.


Walter Herzog is the Director of Calgary’s Haman Performance Lab and a Professor in kinesiology,  engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine, he had his hopes dashed when his childhood dream of racing for Switzerland at the Olympics was eroded by his not-so-great running ability. However, this didn’t discourage him but led him down an unclear path towards greatness. He started out as a gym teacher and then progressed into teaching and coaching athletics with the hope of ascending to the national level or higher. During his doctorate days at the University of Iowa, he was responsible for preparing (American) long-jumpers and triple-jumpers for the 1984 Olympics and his inquiries into not just the track stars, but the problem-solving earned him the title of the accidental scientist. His research made him a world-renowned pioneer in biomechanics, a ground-breaker in the muscle-contraction study and earned him the prestigious Muybridge Award for career achievement from the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB).


In Nigeria, a young man named Defokwu Stanley Ebube has taken it upon himself to help out as many struggling Nigerians as he can. The young man, who hails from Anambra State, dropped out of school while studying law in a Nigerian university and became not just a farmer, but a spoken word poet, TV host and a philanthropist. As a philanthropist, he aims to use his TV show to raise the lost consciousness in youths for community volunteering and, being inspired by the giving nature of his widowed mother, he founded the Rubies of Compassion Foundation in 2012 which became official in 2016. He hopes to inspire a young generation of givers to put smiles on the faces of the needy by looking beyond their present circumstances and many distractions.


Nothing can ever stop a fast-moving water except the water itself. No barrier, no matter how strong, can stop someone who does not doubt his dreams. Remember only YOU can stop you.

Happy weekend, cheers.


Image from That Sunday School Girl.

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