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Against All Odds: Women Making Impact on the Society

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“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

– Oprah Winfrey


Every happening in life is a lesson meant to propel us forward, it gives us wisdom for daily living and inspires us to reach out and help those who might be in similar challenges or who needs help. Women have been victims of numerous evil vices such as domestic violence, revenge porn, acid attacks,  rape amongst others but despite all this, they remain strong and are helping others do the same. Through the awareness of these numerous vices against the womenfolk, there’s been a transformation regarding such issues in the society.

Here are some of our good news reviews telling us the inspirational stories of women making great impact in the society around them.


Turning their experiences into weapons of change in the society, twelve exceptional women have been awarded the Women Transforming India Award for the transformational impact of their work across villages, towns and cities by Union Minister, Smriti Irani, and Niti Aayog Vice Chairman, Arvind Panagariya. The women whose stories range from surviving an acid attack, toiling for decades to build a hospital for the needy, becoming the champion of forest conservation, to living one’s dreams in spite of physical disabilities. Despite the many bricks life threw at them, these wonderful women are doing their best to help those in their community. The award serves as a means of recognizing the story of survival, courage, giving back and resilience of these 12 amazing women.


Patricia and Stephanie Egwuatu are two sisters who share not just blood ties but the same dream of being medical doctors despite being inspired by different factors. The sisters, whose father is a Nigerian and mother a Ugandan, took to their social media to share their journey through medical school and residency to inspire others. Patricia, who was inspired by the talks of the poor health care condition in Nigeria and Uganda, is currently a second-year Family Medicine resident of the University of Washington, while Stephanie who was inspired by her pediatrician, is also a second-year medical student at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.


A clear case of children living by example is the story of Dr. Ruth Healey and her father Mick Healey who became not just two geography academics, but also the first father and daughter to win UK education sector’s highest teaching award.  In 2000, Mick Healey, then based at the University of Gloucestershire, was named by the Higher Education Academy as one of its first National Teaching Fellows (NTF) with his 17-year-old daughter in attendance. 17 years after, his daughter, now a senior lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Chester, also got the NTF award making them the scheme’s first parent-child recipient.


These stories inspire us that no matter what our circumstances may be we can make that conscious choice to achieve success on our own terms and live the life we desire for ourselves.


Image from Darling Darlings.

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