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10yr-old launches book at school’s end of session party

Anjola book launch

A primary five pupil of Gracefield  Private School, Ibadan, Oyo State, Anjolaoluwa Akinyemi, says observation is the key to successful writing, as she launched her first book entitled ‘The Ladder’ at the school’s end of session party.

Revealing her source of inspiration, Miss Akinyemi said that observing the increasing number of children who do not have access to qualitative education owing to their poor family background inspired her to write.

“I have decided to use this medium to encourage the people out there who feel they cannot achieve or amount to anything in life due to their poor background not to give up on themselves.

“I am also reminding them that attaining greater heights in life is not about where they are coming from, but where they are going,” she said.

She added that more inspirational books that would be of great impact in the society should be expected from her.

While she thanked her school for being part of her success story, and her parents for helping to bring her dream and passion for writing into reality, she also advised potential writers to be good observers in order to get good sources of ideas that would help them write things that would be of benefits to the society.

Her mother, Dr. Olukemi Akinyemi, expressed joy that her 10-year-old daughter launched her first book, saying that the feat was as a result of her passion for writing.

“I never knew she could come up with this until I took my time to study and noticed her interest in writing,” she said.

She emphasised the need for parents not to underestimate the ability of any child in whatever they show interest in, but to rather encourage them in achieving their goals in life.

Story from Nigerian Tribune.

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