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‘Restart’ scheme launches to help more women return to the investment industry

Called Restart, the returners programme is to be launched on 19 September 2017 and is being led by the Diversity Project and supported by the Women Returners Professional Network.

While the programme is aimed at all financial or professional services individuals who have taken an extended career break and are now looking to return to the workforce, chair of the Diversity Project, Dame Helena Morrissey (pictured), believes an industry-wide approach to helping professionals return to work after a career break is a further step in helping to reduce the current gender-diversity gap in the investment industry.

Dame Morrissey says the scheme can also complement individual company initiatives: “Not all investment companies have the resources to run the necessary training or returner programmes, so the idea is to do this collectively.”

The scheme would work by investment companies uploading vacancies into the Restart clearing system, where potential candidates with the appropriate skills would be matched up. The successful applicant would then be offered the necessary training and support, which is drafted in jointly from companies involved in the scheme.

Restart is just one of the initiatives the Diversity Project is involved with that aim to create a more diverse and inclusive culture within the investment profession.

Dame Morrissey is also one of the panelists on Investment Week’s Women in Investment Awards launched to encourage more women to progress and take up a career in investment by celebrating the achievements of women already in the industry.

Nominations are open until 4 September 2017 and include an award for the Most Inspiring Returner, aimed at women who have returned to work after a career break, and an award for Supporting Returners, which is open to companies in the investment sector that have supported initiatives to improve conditions for women returning to work.

Culled from Investment Weekly

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