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Open Hands: Giving As Nature Ordered

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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

– Charles Dickens


Nature has a way of reminding us of what purpose we are meant to serve while on earth even if we forget with the hustle and bustle of the world. When it comes to a life of service to humanity, nature reminds us with our hands. How, you may wonder.  For everyone born on earth, we were all born with open hands and only on rare occasion due to certain health conditions do we have people born with clenched fists. The reason our hands are born open is so we can fill it with kind things spilling from our heart and reaching out to those in distress to help. Even when our hands are empty of material things, we can give gifts of compassion, a smile, our time, words of encouragement, and so on.  No one ever starts a war against nature and wins, if you have doubts try clenching your fist for a day and give a report afterward.

Here are some good news reviews to remind us that the thrill of giving lasts for a lifetime. Learn and act.


Giving one of the greatest services to the human soul is Ariana Grande and her team who reached out to the families and victims of the tragic May 22nd terror attack in Manchester, which killed 22 people, with their ‘One Love Manchester Concert’. The concert was aimed at paying tribute to the victims and raising money for the families of the victims. A total of $24.5 million [£18m] was raised and generous donations were also sent in from viewers of the concert.


Dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals living with paralysis through commitment to foster community engagement, enhance independence and promote self-esteem, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has awarded over $800,000 in Quality of Life grants this year. The foundation, which is a national non-profit in the US, aims at supporting fellow non-profits with the same mission with the grants which is set to cover a variety of projects.


A case of surviving and helping others do the same is the story of Annan’s young runner, Danny Bryden, who intends to run a 500 lap relay of the EverHolmes racetrack in September to give back to the hospital that saved his life. For 14-year-old Danny, this will be his second charity run in two years and this he’s doing so he can raise money for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital charity where, since the age of five due to kidney problems, he had to undergo ten bouts of surgery. With his survival, Danny intends to run and split the funds for not just the hospital but also Nith Inshore Rescue and NSPKU, a charity aimed at helping people living with phenylketonuria.


Finally, so many times we have witnessed Nigerian students protesting due to inadequate supply of potable water, among other basic necessities, but it’s all good news for students of the University of Lagos as the Chinese consulate in Lagos donated modern borehole in a bid to combat this challenge. This project is not just a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but also a part of the project ‘China-Africa-People-to-People Friendship Action’. This project is aimed at fostering better relations between Chinese companies and their host countries.


Like many of these people and organizations highlighted here, let us keep our hands open and learn to give without remembering.

Have a blissful weekend. Cheers.


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