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Shaping the Future Through Education

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“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”

– Diogenes


The power of education cannot be overstretched but the truth remains that it is a potent weapon in changing the world. It doesn’t just prepare us for life but it is life itself, filled with an endless process of learning.  Education doesn’t start or end within the walls of institutions of learning, it is a lifestyle of investing in knowledge that empowers us to make diverse life choices and gives us the courage to chase and keep our dreams alive. The aim of education is not just about increasing the amount of knowledge gained but to create the possibilities for newer inventions, discoveries, and innovations.

The best investment that pays the most interest is an investment in knowledge and all around the world, individuals and organizations are doing their best to keep investing in the education of youths and children.

Here are some good news on our mid-week review on how, all around the world, futures are being shaped by an investment in education.


In celebration of academic excellence, discipline and hard work, the Jamaican Public Service (JPS)  and Partners Cooperative Credit Union Limited awarded 60 students across different grades, scholarships, and bursaries valued at approximately $4 million. The recipients of this award include 55 top performers in the 2017 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and five other high flyers. The aim of these awards is to provide financial assistance to help children reach their academic goals.


Also celebrating an exceptional academic success is Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi the governor of Enugu state who awarded Chinecherem Cynthia Ali full academic scholarship to study in any school of her choice. Cynthia, who was a student of Shalom Academy Nsukka, got the spotlight on herself with an outstanding all A’s result in the just-released West African Examination Council (WAEC) results. The governor asserts that she is part of the foundation being laid by the state to not just encourage but reward any great achievement across different spheres.


Helping children develop a passion for learning is the Tomeb Foundation, an NGO established to promote issues that will energize individuals and communities to be economically self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. Last year, in collaboration with its partner, Exxon Mobil, the Foundation launched a project to distribute textbooks to final year student of medicine at the University of Lagos. This year, they also embarked on the project ‘catch them young’, a project aimed at fertilizing the minds of school pupils on how to succeed through reading, personal development, and learning programme. This project witnessed over 1000 students of Lagos Model College, Badore, being tutored and impacted with valuable life lessons.


When it comes to education, no one can deny that the heart of any educational system is the teachers and they make a lasting impact on the lives of their students. For 42-year-old Sonia Leonardo, it was a case of one good turn deserves another when the helping hands of her student, 30-year-old Ali Golian, gave her a second chance at a healthy life. Ali, a medical student who, in 2010, was Sonia’s radiography student at King’s College Hospital, South London, decided to donate a spare kidney to his teacher who inspired him to become a radiologist, despite the fact that for five years he hadn’t seen her. His selflessness serves as a reminder that we can never know whose future we are shaping when imparting knowledge but we can do it with a sense of purpose of raising a better future.


Education has no end, it is a journey filled with learning, unlearning and relearning as we all remain a student of life no matter our age.


Image from Laura Bohling.

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