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Join The Masiyiwa #GoGettaz Competition To Win $100,000


Good news, guys!

Strive Masiyiwa is an outstanding entrepreneur, a world-renowned businessman and a large-hearted philanthropist. If you’ve not heard about him, read our Positive Thoughts on the man.

Well, he is organizing something special. Read from him here:

___Kwesé #GoGettaz competition launches today!

Have you been doing your homework? I hope so, because today is finally the launch of our Kwesé Inc competition, open to people from anywhere in the world, an opportunity to compete to win a $100,000 investment into your business or not-for-profit organization, and spend two weeks interacting and working with me and our team at Kwesé offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The two people selected to win this competition (one woman and one man) will become inaugural Kwesé Entrepreneur Fellows in January 2018.

The competition has been designed for contestants to apply some of the lessons learned on my Facebook page over the years, including:

  1. The importance of research and doing your homework.

Only contestants who take a close look at our Kwesé websites and Apps, and have studied my Facebook posts, will be able to answer all the questions correctly.

  1. Attention to detail.

Remember: you must complete all FOUR quizzes in Stage One to be eligible to win one of the two $100,000 grand prizes. If you miss competing in even one quiz, you won’t be eligible to move to Stage Two. There are no exceptions. Carefully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you get started on the first quiz.

  1. The 3Ps: Product. Process. People.

If you become one of our Kwesé Entrepreneur Fellows this year, you’ll have full exposure to learning about Kwesé Products; the Processes we have built for our customers throughout Africa to enjoy our amazing premium and exclusive content; and, to meet the talented, visionary People on our team.

  1. How to pitch to investors.

Only 10 finalists will win the opportunity to pitch their business or organization (either for-profit or not-for-profit) via 2-3 minute video.  Everyone else on this platform can analyze and vote like the “sharks” on “Shark Tank” for the finalist that impresses them most when they view their pitches (and to learn from the experience of being on the Shark side of the tank)…


A new quiz will be posted each Friday at noon (12pm), Central African Time for the next four Fridays. The first quiz is live NOW. The last quiz will be posted on Friday, 8 September and close on 15 September. Note: each quiz will close when the next one opens.

# You can (and should!) refer to the relevant Kwesé site or App (as well as my previous Facebook posts) in the process of researching answers and completing the quiz.

# You can take as long as you need to complete each quiz, but the faster you are at each one, the better your chances of making it to the top 10.

We’ve talked a lot this year about swimming with sharks. Now is finally the time… Are YOU ready to jump in? If so, please do your homework, then follow this link to: for the first quiz.

Let the battle begin!

So, get in the game and stand a chance to win $100,000. Good luck!

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