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Investing In a Better World

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“You’ve got to invest your own time, invest your own resources into creating a better world, not only for yourself but for the people you surround yourself with.”

– Austin Seferian-Jerkins

As one generation fizzles out for another, each generation holds on to the hope, belief and the conviction that their present world can be an improvement to that of the previous generation. A better world is a possibility that is achievable but creating a better world requires partnership, teamwork, and collaboration. A stick of broom can still achieve its purpose of sweeping though it might take time and at a point be totally useless, a bunch of broom sticks would be a strong force in carrying out its purpose faster and that’s the world we live in. It is only when all hands are on deck that a good world will become a better one and a better world will eventually become a greater one.

Here are some good news reviews to remind and challenge us to think about the kind of world our generation will leave for the next.


Here is a good example of creating a better world by giving back to empower others to do the same. With the mission of building a better community through donor-driven philanthropy, the Indian River Community Foundation awarded grants totaling $405,000 to 15 local charitable organizations during its spring 2017 grants cycle.


Another team making the world a better place is the University of Washington. In an age where chargers and cords have become accessories carried around like a mobile office, the University of Washington has however found a way to make life easier with the invention of cellphones that require no batteries.  A major leap far beyond chargers, cords and dying phone. The phone has been created to harvest the few microwatts of power it requires from either ambient radio signals or light.


Also evolving the world with technology is the ‘Disney Research’, the science branch of The Walt Disney Company that recently brought a twist in technology by building a wireless charging room.  The team of researchers understood how cumbersome and limiting chargers and cords were so they converted an entire room into a wireless room that can boost the batteries of 10 objects at one time. This research was inspired by Nikola Tesla’s invention of the first system to wirelessly transmit electricity- the Tesla Coil.


To create a better world, Mike Omogbehin, a House member representing Okitipupa/Irele federal constituency in Ondo state has chosen to invest in the youths – the building force of the society.  With his understanding in the power of education, he donated a well-equipped library to Idepe High school, Okitipupa and gave students in different higher institutions bursary awards. He also donated ambulances and mobile clinics to his constituency being driven by his belief that health is wealth.


We all know that the next generation will need a better world to live in, hence we owe it to them to advance every field of human endeavors to create that world.


Image from I’m No Expert.

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