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The Gifted Children That Make The Smartest Family In Britain

The Imafidons | The GoodNews Media

“Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating. Education is the promise of progress,  in every society,  in every family.”

– Kofi Annan

There have been so many individual outstanding achievements in the world, especially in academics. Many have set records that have stood the test of time. So many young Nigerians are setting the pace in foreign schools with excellent academic statistics. However, finding so many academic records being broken by siblings must be a record in itself.

The Imafidons, a Nigerian family based in Britain, have the greatest chronicle of tremendous record-breaking academic achievements that the world has ever seen from a single family. They have become an international model of academic achievements, a model set to improve scholarship in Europe and Australia for being the smartest family in Britain.

Dr. Chris Imafidon and his wife, Ann, migrated from Nigeria to London about 30 years ago. They are gifted with five children that have kept on toppling almost every academic record that they have encountered, breaking unimaginable academic barriers. Dr. Chris believes that “every human being has a unique way of learning,” and he has channeled this belief into helping his children with their jaw-dropping achievements.

Here are the Imafidons’ super-gifted and over-achieving kids with a list of their academic achievements.

Anne Marie

The first and pioneering child, she was described in the September 2011 edition of “Higher Education Digest” as “the serial world record breaker”. She graduated from high school at 10, at 13 she became the youngest person to pass the UK’s A-Level computing exam. She was awarded a British scholarship to study mathematics at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Before reaching the age of 20 she had also gotten her Masters degree from Oxford University. Anne speaks six languages and in 2012 she became the CEO of  Stemettes, a social enterprise that promotes women in Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In 2016, she was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II, for her work inspiring the next generation of women in STEM. According to reports, at 27, Imafidon is the youngest scientist to get a royal recognition since 1890.


She became the youngest student in history to attend a British university at age 11. She worked as an intern with CitiGroup Corporation and also conducted research on mathematics with Oxford University.


She passed two high school level mathematics and statistics exams at age 6. At the age of 9, she became the youngest girl to attend high school and was also a gold level champion in the 100m and 200m relays. She also mentored her younger siblings, the twins, to pass the test when they were six.

Peter and Paula

The double wonder, they were nicknamed the “Wonder twins” when, at age 9, they made history as the youngest children to attend high school. They were also the youngest to ever pass the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Mathematics exam after participating in the Excellence in Education program. They also double as musicians and athletes. Peter is a 100m and 400m relay champion in London while Paula is a county champion in Rugby. Peter aspires to be the Prime Minister one day while Paula would love to teach maths.

Dr. Chris, who has succeeded in raising children with guided discipline, works as a renowned scholar and international education consultant for several governments. He’s also a coach to American students at various academic levels using web technology. He believes that anyone can achieve what he has with his family through a specific model for education.

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