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Dare To Be Different

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

– Coco Chanel

Imagine waking up to a normal world,  a place where everybody is doing the same thing,  looking the same and there appears to be no single trace of difference. That kind of world will be dull, monotonous, boring and frustrating. But a world filled with a sea of black and blends of red, blue and other multicolours here and there is an intriguing and balanced world. Our world is a vast marketplace with varieties of products some looking the same and others standing out therefore being different is not a freak show as some dread but an avenue for individual personality to find their own unique expression as a means of attaining their goals.

Here are some good news on how daring to be different does not just create a balance in our world but also encourages more people to break out of the circle of conformity to embrace creativity and innovation.


“He said,  she said…” are opinions that form the society we live in but 23-year -old Musawenkosi Saurombe has refused to succumb to the societal pressure of what people will say about her age, race or gender and has gone ahead to achieve a landslide achievement of being Africa’s Youngest Female PhD Holder. She also leaves an inspiration nugget for other young people aspiring to be something in life.


Further going against the mainstream is Ntsiki Beyela who is living her South African dream of not just being South Africa’s First Black Female winemaker but also launching her own brand. To all wine lovers and individuals seeking to take the road less traveled, read Ntsiki’s story of extraordinary passion, persistence and skill.


Nigeria’s educational sector is continually being heralded with good news across different states. In Sokoto state, as part of an ongoing effort to reposition the education sector, Governor Tambuwal intends to grant scholarships to over 200 female students to study medicine in India and other foreign countries. This development is a clear indication of a gradual and progressive change in the perception of female child education in Northern Nigeria. The governor asserts that the best way to encourage women to seek medical services is to increase the number of female doctors within the state.


Finally, with the mandate to grow children to greatness not only in education but also in sound moral upbringing, Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC), has raised up geniuses that have contributed to making the school a recipient of no fewer than 48 Olympiad Medals in one year. These are the upcoming generation of trained solution providers who are set to revolutionize the diverse sectors in Nigeria and NTIC is sowing the seeds already.

These good news are stories of people who have chosen not to just do something but to do it better and be daring enough to take the road less taken. What would you do today to be different?

Happy new month and keep daring to be different!


Image via New Friars

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