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Beyond Me, Myself and I

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

– George Elliot

One of the best ways to live life is to avoid the syndrome of “me, myself and I” like a plague. History has shown us that man’s inhumanity to man thrives on this syndrome, the mentality of “…as long as I’m not affected it is not my problem so why should I be bothered?” But the fact still remains that the world we live in is our responsibility, we are the weapons of change in it.  Hence, we can’t just fold our hands and expect to wake up to an improved world where kindness, being humane and thoughtful prevails, rather we should start on the journey to changing our world by taking it beyond “me,  myself and I” to “he,  she,  we,  us and they.”

One of such people making the switch from personal to collective pronouns is Shane Finn. Shane – a 25-year-old Fitness Instructor chose to endure all physical pain and the mental torments of running 24 marathons in 24 days just so he could raise over €100,000 for Spina  Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland(SBHI). Running just over 1000km across the length and breadth of Ireland. His motivation for embarking on this challenge springs from his cousin Mary Evans who suffered from the condition and the realization that he was in the position to make such a change.

Shane claimed that each of the 24 marathons represent one hour in a day, a symbolic tribute to the people living with such health condition for 24hours as long as they live.

Also, the community of Parkside Middle School have experienced the touch of an angel through the young hands of Emily Faulkner. Emily, the ten-year-old crusader of the fashion brand “Every Hearts Matter”, a brand not just intended for business but also for a good humanitarian cause. She intends to raise €10,000 to install defibrillators in all 12 schools in Bromsgrove without their own defibrillator.

Emily came up with this idea after attending a training course with local charity Charlotte & Craig “Saving Hearts Foundation. The heart shaped feature on her products of T-shirts and bags further proclaims her message of saving hearts. With support from her mother, aunt and friends, Emily remains unstoppable in her quest.

There is never a perfect moment in making the choice to make life less difficult for others, now and wherever you are is the moment required. Life is a gift and it expects us to give back as much as we take from it. People like Shane and Emily have chosen to change the world for the better rather than complain about it, they have left their own legacy behind by doing things that will outlive them, so ask yourself what will be your choice?  To act or keep complaining?

What will you do today to make the world easier for others around you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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