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Nigerian comedian graduates as a Medical Doctor

While Craze Crown was making us laugh on Instagram, he was also working hard away from the camera as a student of the University of Kiev.

On Sunday, July 1, 2017, the comedian revealed in a long Instagram post that he had graduated from the University of Kiev with a degree in Medicine.

We all know Craze Clown as one of the first faces that offered us undiluted comedy in the form of skits on social media. According to the post, the comedian had first written matriculation examinations, JAMB and failed at several hurdles, before getting admitted to University of Legon, only to be withdrawn as he could not meet the increase in school fees.

At returning to ‘Square One’, he added, he finally got a visa to the Ukraine where he enrolled to study Medicine at the University of Kiev.

Even here, he faced the task of finding balance between his craft and his studies while managing personal tragedy with the death of his father in 2005. It was a journey that spanned almost 10 years.

Craze Clown’s story is nothing short of inspirational, especially at a time when more young people face circumstances that can lead them to alternative and often ‘illegal’ paths.

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