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Meet Lola, The Youngest Street Artist In The World

Lola Glass, aka @lolatheillustrator, is the coolest 9-year-old you’ll meet: she skateboards, loves art and fantasy worlds, has a killer style, and she also happens to be the youngest street artist in the world.

Lola started drawing when she was three years old, and ever since her parents witnessed their daughter’s creative spirit, they encouraged her and gave her the space to develop it. Now, Lola even has her own office inside of a closet!

The defining moment for the young Brooklyn-based artist came one day when she was 6 years old and got caught drawing on a mural by the street artist Beau Stanton located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Joe Ficalora, the founder of Bushwick Collective, spotted the youngster and yelled at her: “What are you doing with my wall?! But instead of receiving a reprimand, she was invited to join the ranks of Ficalora’s grand street artist group.

She decided to grace her very first wall with a mashup of Totoro, one of the most beloved characters created by Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, and Disney’s film The Incredibles. Her work is also inspired by the likes of other street artists like Jerkface and Mister June.

Extracted from Konbini

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