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Lola Ekugo Is Connecting Travellers To Nigerians Who Need Items Delivered

Who here hasn’t quickly closed an online shopping tab after seeing the shipping cost? Who hasn’t sent out – or at least come across – that desperate tweet asking “who is coming to Lagos from the UK next week”?

If you understand the struggle like we know you do, then Lola Ekugo’s new startup, Transthat, will feel like it’s sent straight from heaven.

Transthat is a platform that connects travellers who have extra luggage space to spare – and want to make some extra money –with requestors who want to buy specific products from abroad and ship them to Nigeria.

Speaking with Techcabal about what inspired her to create this platform, Lola said:

“I love to travel and find peculiar items and mostly have some wasted and unutilised luggage space and I’ve also experienced first-hand the pain of shipping things to Nigeria.”

How does it work?

The ‘requestor’ posts the item they want to buy, where it’s from and the price they are willing to pay to a traveller to bring it for them. Once a traveller picks up the request, Transthat will then hold the requestor’s payment until the traveller comes back with the item.

The best part? The requestor can then collect their requested item from the Transthat Collection Centre or have the item delivered to their address.

For now, Transthat is starting with low-value items until they are confident about the whole security element – then they’ll roll out an option for more valuable items.

transthat | THe GoodNews Media
transthat | THe GoodNews Media

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